This site offers commentary and analysis on banking, capital management, economics, finance, risk and other related topics based on four decades of experience working in the Australian banking system. My primary expertise lies in the area of bank capital management so any opinions on topics outside that domain represent a personal quest to understand the topic.

An alternative title for this blog was “The education of a banker; a work in progress”. Notwithstanding the length of time devoted to banking, I have found that I continued to learn new things and gain new insights even in the last few years of work (perhaps I am a slow learner). Some of the opinions expressed are strongly held and others lightly. My views on bank capital and its management benefit from many years as a subject matter expert and practitioner in the area but all are open to revision should I encounter evidence that proves them wrong or incomplete.

This blog is primarily a device to help me understand the topics better and I welcome feedback on errors I have made or alternative perspectives.

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